What is an Air Fryer

So you ask what is an air fryer. This unit uses heated air to cook foods to perfection. Air fryers are so much more than just a fryer! It has the ability to bake, roast, and grill as well as fry most foods you prepare for your families’ meals!

 An air fryer super heats thoroughly and evenly cooks food via convection method using a small fan.This small fan forces the hot air to surround the food and not just passively surround it like a conventional oven will do. When a small about of oil is added and the hot air circulates around the food, the combination fries the food to a crispy perfection. This concept when you use significantly less oil than traditional frying requires, you food is much healthier!

In addition, air fryers are safer, because they are completely enclosed and does not allow there to be any splattering or spilling of hot grease or oil. The fryers have a smaller cooking chamber than typical convection ovens. This makes them more convenient because super heated air is forced downward in a circular motion at a much faster rate than regular convection ovens convection ovens. For most family meals the space is ample for your foods and again save you money. Given the right settings with some proper preparation of the types of food you are cooking, (i.e. blanching veggies and using cooking spray), this will bring your meals to the table more affordable and safe! Unlike microwave ovens that use radiation, foods are less likely to dry out or predominately center cook.

Let’s not forget to mention how versatile they are with the wide range of different foods they can cook!

Foods that can be cooked with air fryers

  • Air Fryer FoodFrozen foods
  • Fish
  • Poultry
  • Beef
  • Pork
  • Leftovers (tastes like it was fresh made)
  • Deserts
  • Vegetables

Food can be taken directly from the freezer, seasoned and with a very small amount of oil can be prepared according the easy to follow control panel. The same process if used for fish, but you do not have to worry about it being over cooked and falling apart…it is cooked to flakey perfection! Your meats like, poultry, beef and pork, can be seasoned just as you like them and the control panel will tell you just how long to set the timer for the cooking process. Your favorite fresh vegetable no longer have to be closely monitor for preferred tenderness. They will gently cooked from very crunchy to tender without being burnt or turned to mush. Once the main meal is done, and while you eat, you desert can be preparing and will be ready to serve when you are ready. Left overs can be warmed in the cooking chamber and it is returned to you fresh, flavorful and appealing like when it was first prepared. Each process is precisely timed, cooked to perfection and the clean-up is relatively simple as there is minimal oil to wipe up and foods do not stick and burn.

Your cooking guide and idea book will give you many more ideas on what you can cook other foods and the details are easy for anyone to follow as it is done in detailed steps.

How an air fryer can save you time.

Saving Time

Besides its unique fast cooking process, and easy clean-up, air fryers will save you more time, because you can set it up and walk away while the food is cooking. Sometimes for larger portions, you may have to open the fryer and shake the contents of the basket to expose hidden or covered surfaces of food to the heated air. This will only take a few seconds.

Air fryers preheat almost instantly. It will also reduce your cooking time if you do a bit of food prep such as dicing, slicing, and chopping veggies ahead of time..You can do this just before cooking time, Or you can prepare them during the weekend and keep them in airtight freezer bags and keeping them in the freezer. This way, they are ready whenever you need them!

With the large capacity basket you can cook just over 2.5 lbs of food at one time. If you were to slice up potatoes for French fries and you sliced up 8 medium sized potatoes you would still have room for more! Imagine combining your favorite ingredients and cooking them all at the same time…this works very well for stews and roasts.

How you can save money using an air fryer?

In test after test air fryers have proven themselves to be more cost effective when cooking quick small portions compared to conventional ovens, deep fryers, and convection ovens. We all like to save money and this is an easy way to reducing your utility bill!

For 17 minutes of cooking it uses approximately 0.31 kWh as opposed to 0.6 kWh during 1 hour of cooking time in a conventional oven. That is almost half the cost and remember all the health benefits you get from preparing you food this way.

Saving counter space is essential.

Counter Space

Air fryers save you counter space by their compact design. They use their space well and are more vertical than horizontal in their function. By sizing it correctly and not having too large of a cooking area these units will save you counter space. You will have the perfect counter cooking device, because of their design, function and sizing them correctly for your personal use.

The vertical design forces the air down through the food, top to the bottom, to circulate the air: thus it allows a smaller footprint on the counter. Unlike a convection toaster oven which is more wide than tall, Air Fryers reduce counter space with their functional design

Air fryers compact design allows you to cook the food when the basket is full. By choosing the correct sized fryer that is required for your family, you will only use the amount of space you require. Air fryers come in sizes from 1 quart to 16 quarts. Please, check out the list below to find the correct size for your family. (Check Out Our Sizing Here)

Weight Loss Before and After

The air fryers have a sleek egg like design. There are no obnoxious gadgets protruding, so storage is a breeze!

Using an air fryer will help you cut tons of calories!

For those that want to eat healthier but don’t want to give up their fried foods, this is the way to go! When using an air fryer, all you need is a tablespoon of oil to crisp your food. This cuts calories drastically. Fats will further be reduced due to the fact that the food is in a raised basket. This will allow the fats to drip away from the food as it’s being cooked. In closing, I would like to reiterate that air fryers are a much safer and brilliant kitchen tool that saves you CALORIES, TIME, MONEY, and COUNTER SPACE ! So let’s get cooking!!

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