What is an Air Fryer

So you ask what is an air fryer. This unit uses heated air to cook foods to perfection. Air fryers are so much more than just a fryer! It has the ability to bake, roast, and grill as well as fry most foods you prepare for your families’ meals!

 An air fryer super heats thoroughly and evenly cooks food via convection method using a small fan.This small fan forces the hot air to surround the food and not just passively surround it like a conventional oven will do. When a small about of oil is added and the hot air circulates around the food, the combination fries the food to a crispy perfection. This concept when you use significantly less oil than traditional frying requires, you food is much healthier!

In addition, air fryers are safer, because they are completely enclosed and does not allow there to be any splattering or spilling of hot grease or oil. The fryers have a smaller cooking chamber than typical convection ovens. This makes them more convenient because super heated air is forced downward in a circular motion at a much faster rate than regular convection ovens convection ovens. For most family meals the space is ample for your foods and again save you money. Given the right settings with some proper preparation of the types of food you are cooking, (i.e. blanching veggies and using cooking spray), this will bring your meals to the table more affordable and safe! Unlike microwave ovens that use radiation, foods are less likely to dry out or predominately center cook.

Let’s not forget to mention how versatile they are with the wide range of different foods they can cook!

Foods that can be cooked with air fryers