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Philips HD9641 Air FryerNotice! Anyone wanting to reduce their fat intake and still have great tasting food.

Learn how air fryers reduce the amount of fat intake by 75%

They all laughed when I told them I would have great tasting fried chicken with less than 2 tablespoons of oil. But when they tasted the meal they all loved it.

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  • How an Air Fryer Works. We will take A quick look at how one air fryer works.
  • The Secret to Reducing Fat. We will describe how you can reduce the amount of fat still get crispy, juicy and flavorful food.
  • How Hot Air Cuts Your Cooking Time. We will find out how convection cooking works to reduce the amount of fat you cook.
  • Yours Free – an exclusive look on how to size your air fryer.

If you’re struggling to reduce the amount of fat in your diet, if you need more time after a long day, if you want to reduce your energy cost, then you are about to read the information you’ve been waiting for.”

A look at an Air Fryer

An air fryer is a modern-day appliance that is very useful in the modern kitchen. It uses convection cooking that is one of the most economical ways to cook. These appliances are designed to circulate temperature controlled air around the food is cooking. They are a fairly simple device that has a circuit board to control temperature and time, a heating element to heat the air and a fan to circulate the air throughout the device.

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Food That Doesn’t Need to Learn to Swim

The main way of frying food was to take and coat your food then drop it in a vat of hot fat. This created a lot of waste that the air fryer has reduced. You always had to heat up an excess amount of fat. When you dropped your food in to get that crispy shell and cook it, it would always absorb more oil than needed in your diet.

With today’s air fryer, you coat your food and then you spray a little bit of oil onto your food and place it in the basket. You will need less than 2 tablespoons of oil to accomplish a great crispy coating. The hot air will circulate around your food which helps dry and crisp the food as it is cooking. You save money by not having to heat up more area than needed to do the cooking, and you do not have a vat of oil that needs to be stored or thrown away. These are some of the ways that an air fryer will save you time and money. Plus your food no longer needs to do the backstroke in a vat of hot fat.

How to choose your air fryer

Air Fryers come in different sizes to fit different families needs. From the 1 quart size to all the way up to the 16-quart size you will find the air fryer that will suit your family. You want to get the correct size so that you be able to cook one dish for the whole family. If you get too small of an air fryer you will have to do two or more batches to feed your family. If you get too large of an air fryer you are heeding extra volume in the fryer that’s not cooking food. So correctly sizing your air fryer can save you time and money.

These are some general guidelines to help you make a decision.

Who Am I and Why Should You Listen to Me

Dave and Debbie

I have been cooking for my family for over the past 15 years and a few years ago my wife came down with diabetes 2. Since that time I have been researching and finding better ways to cook our food. I am happy to report that as of a year and a half ago my wife no longer needs to take insulin. One of the main reasons is we have changed our eating habits by reducing fat. One of the tools I have used to do this is an air fryer. It is helped us change our eating habits to a healthier way of life.

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