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Air Fryer for Home Use


Dave and Debbie

My name is Dave and this is my wife Debbie. We have been involved in cooking healthfully for the past four years. When Debbie was diagnosed with diabetes 2 we needed to change our lifestyle.


When we first found out about this disease, they sent us to a class on what we should do to prepare our food correctly. We learn many interesting things but the one thing that stuck in my mind was that to Trans Fats coat the cells which keep them from absorbing the sugar. So we needed to reduce our Trans Fat consumption.


My wife and I enjoy our fried chicken, chicken tenders, fried fish, etc. So we needed to find a way to cook these foods and reduce the amount of fat intake. We found a way to reduce our fat intake from fried foods by 75% with using an air fryer.


Being involved in making websites I’ve decided to help other people enjoy their fried foods and cook healthier by using an air fryer.