DASH Compact Electric Air Fryer Review


Buying an air fryer may be an impulse buy but you really should take your time and do some research before you buy one especially if you are considering the DASH Compact Electric Air Fryer. On the surface, we all know that air fryers can reduce fat in your diet. There are so many different types and sizes that it pays to be a little knowledgeable about them before you make a purchase. 

This review will discuss the DASH Compact Electric Air Fryer and Oven Cooker. This particular air fryer didn’t do so well in our estimation. There are many things about this air fryer which will make you think twice. Read on before you buy.

Main Features of the DASH Compact Electric Air Fryer.


The DASH Compact Electric Air Fryer + Oven Cooker features a digital display, non-stick fry basket, recipe guide, temperature control, and auto shut-off feature.

It comes in red, black, gray, aqua, and white. It also has a few different sizes to choose from–1.6 litre up to 2 qt.

The digital display has 5 presets as well as a manual setting. The temperature can be set as high as 400 degrees and has 1200 watts.


Compact Size

This air fryer is both compact and lightweight. Perfect for small apartments, college dorms, or traveling in a camper or RV. 

Easy Storage

Because the DASH air fryer is so small and compact, it makes storage very easy. This air fryer measures only 7.8” x 10.6” x 12.2” and weighs only 6.8 pounds. 

Easy Cleaning

The DASH air fryer is very easy to clean. The fry basket is non-stick so it’s dishwasher safe. The tray easily detaches from the unit so you can place it in the dishwasher or sink for easy cleaning.


Unit Doesn’t Last Long

Unfortunately, the DASH air fryer is very unreliable and doesn’t last very long. There have been complaints that the unit stops working shortly after only a few uses, the unit doesn’t turn on, the digital display is blank even though the air fryer is plugged in and switches on, or the unit doesn’t last more than a few months. 

Other complaints have been around the actual cooking process. The DASH Air fryer doesn’t cook evenly. Even when food has been turned a few times, french fries have been half burned.

There have even been complaints from customers that the product they received was defective right out of the box. The air fryer was dented and most likely had already been returned and the customer had been sent a refurbished unit.

31% One Star Amazon Reviews

This air fryer started out as a very popular product on Amazon. No doubt due to the fact that it’s lightweight and compact. You get all the benefits of an air fryer without all the bulk, right? Wrong!. Unfortunately, there are many 1-star reviews on this product. Of the 836 customers who reviewed this air fryer, 46% gave it a 5-star rating while 31% gave it only a 1-star rating! 

Not Answering Most 1-Star Reviews

Good customer service would indicate that the manufacturer would be anxious to address any and all issues with their products. Especially where public reviews are concerned. Unfortunately, DASH has not answered most 1-star reviews. There’s a company video that states how important customer service is but the follow-through seems to be lacking.

Check out this video on the DASH Compact Electric Air Fryer to learn more about how it works.

DASH No Longer Selling This Air Fryer

No doubt the numerous problems reported about this product has caused the manufacturer to stop selling this air fryer. Rather than address the issues with this particular product, there are other air fryers from this company that may be better valued.


The most disappointing thing about reviewing this air fryer is not so much the problems that customers had with it but the lack of customer service from the manufacturer. So I really couldn’t recommend this air fryer. Luckily, it’s no longer for sale. 

Instead, FryDay Dave’s recommendation is the Gourmia GAF365 2.2 Qt Digital Air Fryer which has better ratings. Should something go wrong with your Gourmia air fryer, you’ll also get much better customer service.

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DASH Compact Electric Air Fryer









  • Compact Size
  • Easy storage
  • Easy Cleaning


  • Uint not lasting long
  • 31% One Star Amazon Reviews
  • Dash no longer offers product

8 thoughts on “DASH Compact Electric Air Fryer Review”

  1. I have never heard of such a thing.  This is really cool and what a great gift this would make.  The design of this is such that it wouldn’t look out of place on a kitchen counter but is small enough to be tucked away in a cabinet for storage.  This looks like a great alternative to using oil to fry foods and the cost is a no brainer.  I’m going order one up this week.  The video is very helpful to understand how it works.  It is under one minute so watch it, it’s cool!

    • You do make great gifts and they are reasonably priced. If you have someone on your gift list that is a family of one it would be perfect for them. The bonuses you use less fat and eat healthier these units. They were great with frozen food like French fries, chicken tenders, etc.

      Thanks for your input


  2. Is the air fryer healthier than a deep fryer or is it the same appliance? I saw the video and it is a great introduction to air frying. I just wonder if there are certain limitations to what food you can fry and how much you can fry at a given time? How long does it typically take to air fry something versus using a deep fryer?

    • Yes they aren’t healthier cooking device then deep fryers. You only use a tablespoon of oil to crisp up your food. It reduces the fat on your food by 70% or more. 

      There are some limitations on air frying and that it works great with frozen food but raw food is trickier to do. If you just put raw potatoes cut in a French fry style they tend to come out soggy. The way you fix this is to coat them in flour and spices and cook him with a little bit of oil. The flower covers the fries and cooks crisp while the inside looks like a potato. You can do the same thing with green beans to.

      The size of this air fryer is 2 quarts. It’s generally recommended for a one person family. If you check the bottom of the homepage it gives you a table for the different sized air fryers and what size family it will feed.

      The air fryer takes longer to cook send a deep fryer but it’s advantages it does not have to preheat the oil which takes about 10 minutes. So when you add in the preheat time it takes you less time to cook your food for a one batch setting. If you do more than one batch the deep fryer will be quicker the more batches you do.

      If you have any more questions, please let me know by replying to this comment.



  3. This seems like a good item to have if you are not in to cooking for more than one person. The added incentive of it providing the means to use less oil is a bonus. A health conscious person should find this product very useful and the price is also encouraging. When I followed the link provided, the item – red – was on discount by approximately $20. So now’s a great time to go for it if you are into this product.

    • I believe for a one person home the Dash Compact Air Fryer is a great addition to their kitchen. It requires no preheat time, fast and easy cleanup, great tasting food, and a healthy way to cook. It is a versatile utensil also as a can air Fry, roast, bake, and reheat food.

      I appreciate you pointing out the $20 discount on the Red Dash Compact Air Fryer. Thanks for your insightful comments and I wish you the best.



  4. I absolutely love my DASH Compact Air Fryer. It’s big enough to make the foods I enjoy, but small enough that I can bring it with me to work. Another great thing about it is that air “fried” food is better for a person than grease fried foods. 

    I thought it would make the food kind of “soggy” and not very crisp, but it is very similar to deep fried foods except without all that extra grease!

    I wholly believe this technology is great and just love my air fryer!

    • I agree with you that this is a great little Air Fryer. The Dash Compact Air Fryer would be a great addition to a workplace. This fryer does a great job with frozen food. With little to no prep required with frozen food, it would be a great way to cook your lunch. It is fast, convenient, and easy to clean up making it a wonderful device for the workplace. I will have to purchase one for my office.




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